How do you find (and be) a good UXer?

S02E10 We chat a bit about how to go about finding a good UX Designer or Researcher. Our conversation applies to Service Design, Interaction Design … all the titles! If you want the TLDW answer … well, we think you should watch. The answer(s) isn’t ground-breaking and yet so many people (hiring managers and applicants alike) downplay or ignore the importance. Transcript Matt: Can I buy a ticket if I don’t attend? Matthew: Absolutely. I’ll sell you twenty. Matt: Oh, what a deal. Let’s talk about hiring people. Matthew: Let’s talk about hiring people. Matt: Specifically, user experience people. Matthew: […]

On The Move With Elizabeth Bacon

S02E09 Matthew sat down, stood up, then sat down again with Lizz Bacon to talk about Personas, Strategy, the Beginner’s Mind, and avoiding large trash bags in the road of life… also, actually in the road. Transcript Matthew: Good morning, or … Lizz: Hi. Matthew: Yeah, good morning. Lizz: It’s morning. Matthew: It’s morning. Lizz: It’s definitely morning, it’s a Sunday, my goodness. Matthew: I’m very glad that you could join me for this interview, and, one of the things that we’ve done with the show a couple of times, is interview people, and it’s mostly, like, I want to […]

There’s No Room for Derisiveness in Our Work

S01E02 We talk dealing with people who are derisive toward research participants and a bit how to handle when participants … let’s just say, aren’t their best selves. You can watch the episode or listen to it. Transcript Matthew: I was… See dammit. I was trying not to start off by saying so, and I almost said it. Matt: It’s a good lead, and I know it’s hard to perforate that habit. Matthew: It’s the I’m about to talk now. Matt: Right. Matthew: But somebody who I know who’s here in Portland posted something about dealing with when you’re presenting […]


What Is UX?

S01E01 Yep, we went there. Well … a little. We talk about pay rates, responsibilities, and career paths for people in “UX.” You can watch the episode or listen to it. Transcript Matthew: Set a reminder for a month from now for a check-in. Matt: Yeah. Matthew: And be like, hey, just want to check in and make sure– Matt: We have something in common. We’re both impressed with my experience. Matthew: So. Matt: You were saying? Matthew: I was saying that I was thinking, and you can tell I was thinking because I was sitting like this, six days […]


The Pilot!

S01E00 The pilot episode for our new show! You can watch the episode or listen to it. Transcript Matthew: I’m making a cup of coffee. Matt: Awesome. Matthew: So I’m gonna run. Come back. Matt:Okay. Matthew: One moment please. So. Matt: Hey so, I was reading the internet today. Matthew: Oh the internet, is that still going on? Matt: And two semi-interesting stories stuck out to me. Matthew: Really? Okay. Matt: Yes. Matthew: I’m listening. Matt: I’d like your thoughts. Matthew: Alright. Matt: One. Trying to decide which to lead with, ’cause they’re both. Matthew: Put a big one on […]


The Value of Research and Design

S02E08 What is the value of spending time and money doing informed research and design work? Well … would you like to make more money? Have bigger impacts? Create delightful outcomes? Of course you do. Transcript Matt: I Actually don’t get out of bed for one Matthew: Okay, how about two? Matthew: Actually reading, something by our close personal friend, what’s his name? Matt: Ah, we have so many Narrow it down. Matthew: Oh, I feel bad, I’m totally blanking on his name, Dave um Matt: Dave Matthew: Oh my god. Matt: How do I know him? Matthew: Everyone knows […]

Being the I in Team: Working (Mostly) On Your Own 

S02E07 We talk about what it’s like (and what’s needed) to run a business of (essentially) one. This one goes out to people moving into the wonderful world of UX (and related areas of focus). Transcript Matt: I’ll warn you. I’m not feeling very effervescent today, so. Matthew: Oh, okay well. Matt: Pardon my drab attitude. Matthew: I mean I don’t wanna oversell it, but I can easily match that. Matt: Hey Matthew. Matthew: Hello. Matt: Hello everyone. Matthew and I have been talking a lot about things around starting up at your business. How to go about running your […]

Group Sessions: Getting Past the F-word. Well… The FG-word.

S02E06 We talk about what we don’t like about Focus Groups (everything) and what we do like about running group sessions. Are they the same? No. Is this just semantics? Also no. Transcript Matt: I don’t even call them focus, I call them like group feedback sessions or something like that to make it– Mathew: So it sounds like what you’re saying, Matt, is you don’t like to use the F word. Matt: I don’t, that’s right. It starts with F and ends in C-K. It’s feedback. Matt: All right. Matthew: Hey and now you’re back in the… Matt: Now […]

A Non-Fireside Chat with Steve Portigal

S02E05 Matthew chats with Steve Portigal. Partly because he hasn’t chatted with Steve in a while, and partly because we all want to know: “Auralization of Document Structure?” Also, we chat about research topics that are way more relevant. Transcript Matthew: Good old Guelph, Guelph doesn’t get enough shoutouts I think. Steve: The fact that it ever gets shouted at all. Matthew: First off can you just do like a really brief introduction, of who you are? Steve: Oh me, oh okay Matthew: Or you could introduce me, hi hello Steve: Yeah I’m Steve Portigal, I am outside of south-side […]

Iterative Research. Small Bites.

S02E04 Minimum Viable Research? Yes. Matthew waxes on the topic of moving forward with research in an iterative manner. Building up to a level of confidence, rather than committing to interviewing/testing with a set number of participants. Transcript Matthew: You’re not hearing your voice, are you? Matt: No, sounds normal. Matthew: I like how I said that and you’re really quiet for a second. Matt: Am I? Hold on, hold on, hold on. Nope, nope. Yeah, what should we talk about? Matthew: Well, let me tell you, I’ve got thoughts. Matt: Yeah, what are your thoughts? Matthew: Well, I just […]