Admittedly, we got a little silly on this one. But seriously, who buys a subscription to hand bells?!


Matthew: Glitch in the matrix.

Matt: Apparently, damn matrix, always glitches.

Matthew: I'm against them, Any matrice Or rubric.

Matt: This is going to fall under the realm of maybe up outer rails of our typical topic of what we'd like to talk about. 

Matthew: Alright

Matt: But, I saw something curious I wanted to share it with you and get your opinion and feedback

Matthew: Okay

Matt: And thoughts, let's call it a thought exercise

Matthew: Okay no graphic

Matt: And maybe,

Matthew: Terrible graphic

Matt: Perhaps after we've posted it, our viewer, will, chime in. With opinions as well

Matthew: Right, love it, love it.

Matt: Great, so a little back story, as you may have experienced in your time running workshops, or training classes where you have a large group of people, and you have to get everyone's attention to reconvene, and have focused work go on,

Matthew: Right and they keep talking

Matt: And they keep talking and, you know, you can clap, or you can snap your fingers or something, but..

Matthew: Clap, here the sound of my voice.

Matt: Right, right, right. Actually I have a friend who, when he facilitates he carries around with him a bell, like a teachers bell or a bellhop bell and dings that, and that works really well. I don't have a bell. But I've got a few workshops coming up and I thought, maybe I'll get a bell and, try it out.

Matthew: Okay, alright, I like where this is going. Is the screen share gonna be on Amazon? And we're gonna like, look at bells?

Matt: It is, it's like exactly, it's like you're behind my back. So, obviously, what do you do when you'd need a bell? You go to Amazon.

Matthew: oh okay

Matt: As you said, so, I'm gonna share my screen. Sorry, I have something in my eye.

Matthew: We're both having eye troubles

Matt: We are, The Ides of March

Matthew: Terrible

Matt: I didn't say that Okay so hopefully now you can see my Amazon.

Matthew: You're really going to Amazon

Matt: Yeah, so I want you to look at this page

Matthew: Okay I'm a look at that page

Matt: And imagine you're shopping for a bell

Matthew: I am shopping for a bell

Matt: We are shopping for a bell And tell me if you see, and if you don't see it I'll point it out, but tell me if you see anything interesting about this pitch.

Matthew: Now that you put it that way, I'm like, I'm looking all over like, where's the interesting thing

Matt: Right, this what we've become, this is where we've landed

Matthew: My eyes are, wait, what?

Matt: What do you see? Talk out loud

Matthew: There's a reflection on the bell. And it really is freaking me out

Matt: All right, good good

Matthew: Is that what..

Matt: No

Matthew: I'm not supposed to see? But that's not what we're here to see?

Matt: Not one of those videos

Matthew: Alright, but that picture really is freaking me out Alright so it's a bell, I see that on the side there you can click on different images, to see the bell at different angles. I don't know what the last one is 'cause it's too small

Matt: Okay

Matthew: It's five forty nine

Matt: Yes

Matthew: You can subscribe and save

Matt: There, that's the thing that caught my eye

Matthew: For, why would I subscribe?

Matt: So my, question, I'd like to pose

Matthew: To the bell service, or something?

Matt: I'd like to talk about what kind of activities, would cause someone to wear out a bell? Regular intervals, where they would wanna subscribe, and save

Matthew: Bell ringer

Matt: Okay

Matthew: I mean, you know like professional, where they, they hold them on their chest and they go, vrmmm, and they bring it back and

Matt: So I think it's interesting that you call that professional versus amateur, which I'd like to expand on that a little bit. Or are you just strictly talking about professional bell ringers in this case?

Matthew: Well I was just joking by bell ringers, but then I remembered that there are professional bell ringers. And I've done bell ringing myself, so I know that doesn't look like the kind of bell you'd use for bell ringing. But no, I don't understand why subscribe and save is, why would you run out of bells?

Matt: Yeah, that was my question. That's all I wanted to talk about today.

Matthew: Like, okay, so in some respects this is, what is

Matt: What is the use case, for more bells?

Matthew: Or, okay so you could come at it from a couple of ways. One is, why did Amazon or Adorox say, This is definitely an option?

Matt: Someone made the decision. Somewhere

Matthew: Or an algorithm made the decision.

Matt: Right but the algorithm is usually coded by, humans. Usually. But, not always.

Matthew: Yeah but they can often be wrong

Matt: True, yes.

Matthew: But yeah like, does Adorox know something, about, you know, do the reviews say " These bells are really good, "but they wear out fast"? I wouldn't get any other kind of bell other than an Adorox bell, but they only last about a week.

Matt: Right. Could be. I have no read the reviews yet, but I will point out, I did log out and went to an incognito page, so none of my bell shopping, or usage experience, is being used in this purchase decision.

Matthew: Yeah I don't get it. I don't understand why that would be there. Do you have a theory?

Matt: I don't, I mean, your theory is better than anything I came up with, other than, a person who is a cattle rancher, of someone who runs the chow cart on a cattle ranch.

Matthew: Right, right, don't you need it? Oh crap, another one, alright well I gotta call people to dinner somehow

Matt: Right so like every day they're, banging out the bell. That was the only one I came up with

Matthew: This is my guess, and I feel like this is the strongest case, is whoever at Adorox set up this page, said "You know, if we click the subscribe and save toggle, on our admin view, we might sell more bells".

Matt: Right, and maybe they hoping on people subscribe and forget, and they just every month they get a bell, and never think to turn it off.

Matthew: Or was it defaulted to subscribe and save?

Matt: It was not

Matthew: I know that I see that when I buy detergent, I mean I don't buy detergent off of Amazon, but what do I buy off of there? Oh like I get our countertop compost bags from Amazon, because I can buy 'em in boxes of a hundred, where at the store it's only 20 or something like that.

Matt: Right

Matthew: And it always defaults to subscribe and save, for that kind of thing.

Matt: Interesting. Yeah this did not, but I imagine if someone happened to click on it, and make a purchase, they might forget, to unsubscribe.

Matthew: Then all of the sudden, however much time later.

Matt: They have a garage full of bells. Honey, enough with the bells!

Matthew: It's my dream to open a bell shop. It's been my life long dream.

Matt: So if anyone out there, has other thoughts, I thought,

Matthew: The silliness of e-commerce

Matt: Right. You see a lot of weird things on Amazon, there's tons of examples, this is one I ran into for real, as I was just looking around earlier I wanted to share with you.

Matthew: The reflection of that guys face in the bell is freaking me out a little bit

Matt: It's a little menacing. And actually I hadn't noticed that before, but now that I look at it I can't stop looking at it.

Matthew: Yeah I know, I know, that's why I was like, where else do I look? What, you can also buy a group of six?

Matt: Yes, like, packs of bells. So what I'm thinking of it is, is buying one, and seeing how long it lasts. Maybe as a test case and see if it does wear out, as you said, after two or three rings. Almost like a disposable bell.

Matthew: Well what is gonna be your metric of how many clang clangs you get out of it or?

Matt: Yeah, how long the sound resonates, the duration of one ring

Matthew: Or, you could go with my classic way to wrap up a workshop exercise, that doesn't require a bell. You ready?

Matt: I'm ready

Matthew: Just start singing

Matt: Okay, please continue, enlighten me.

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