Pushing Back on Execs

S01E07 Whether you’re internal or a consultant, we chat about when it’s appropriate to push back on the decision-makers and how to go about doing it. Transcript Matthew: I’m on antibiotics for the next five days and then. Matt: What do you have against Biotics? Matthew: They know what they did. Matt: So yeah what we’re gonna talk about pushing back on clients I think in general, giving clients feedback to their suggestions that might not be in line with what our suggestions or recommendations would be. If I could give a little background on where this topic kind of […]


Remote Research & Testing

S01E04 What are the benefits of doing remote research and testing? Well, they are numerous, that’s for sure! Transcript Matthew: Although, honestly I kind of want to be one of those people, that wears sunglasses all the time. Matt: I don’t think you do, because I– I’ve met those people Matt: So Matthew, I think we were going to talk about remote usability testing. Matthew: Or just, remote everything, right? Matt: Yep, alright. Bring it on. Matthew: Not all things, but like I think I do want to talk about testing, but also I think a lot of the things […]


There’s No Room for Derisiveness in Our Work

S01E02 We talk dealing with people who are derisive toward research participants and a bit how to handle when participants … let’s just say, aren’t their best selves. You can watch the episode or listen to it. Transcript Matthew: I was… See dammit. I was trying not to start off by saying so, and I almost said it. Matt: It’s a good lead, and I know it’s hard to perforate that habit. Matthew: It’s the I’m about to talk now. Matt: Right. Matthew: But somebody who I know who’s here in Portland posted something about dealing with when you’re presenting […]


What Is UX?

S01E01 Yep, we went there. Well … a little. We talk about pay rates, responsibilities, and career paths for people in “UX.” You can watch the episode or listen to it. Transcript Matthew: Set a reminder for a month from now for a check-in. Matt: Yeah. Matthew: And be like, hey, just want to check in and make sure– Matt: We have something in common. We’re both impressed with my experience. Matthew: So. Matt: You were saying? Matthew: I was saying that I was thinking, and you can tell I was thinking because I was sitting like this, six days […]


The Pilot!

S01E00 The pilot episode for our new show! You can watch the episode or listen to it. Transcript Matthew: I’m making a cup of coffee. Matt: Awesome. Matthew: So I’m gonna run. Come back. Matt:Okay. Matthew: One moment please. So. Matt: Hey so, I was reading the internet today. Matthew: Oh the internet, is that still going on? Matt: And two semi-interesting stories stuck out to me. Matthew: Really? Okay. Matt: Yes. Matthew: I’m listening. Matt: I’d like your thoughts. Matthew: Alright. Matt: One. Trying to decide which to lead with, ’cause they’re both. Matthew: Put a big one on […]


Inclusivity is for Everyone-Part 2

S01E09 Part 2 of Matthew’s chat with Darice de Cuba about accessibility, inclusivity, and a little bit about the important topic of mental health. Something that we should all be talking more about. Transcript Darice: So I think, yes, we have to think about strategy, of how to make people aware on all levels of a business why it’s important, and what do you gain from it? Because we all want to know what we gain from something. And I still say it doesn’t cost that much if you do it from day one. I stand by that, I stand […]

Doctor Visit or Contextual Inquiry? You Decide!

S01E08 Matthew talks about visiting the doctor on the doctor’s first day using the new system for capturing visit notes and ordering prescriptions. Transcript Matt: I’m not dressed for this. Matthew: Neither am I. Got my housecoat on and ooh. Matt: I didn’t shave today. Matthew: Me either. I haven’t shaved, 1973. Matt: So you were going to tell a story. Matthew: Yes I am going to tell you a story. Sit back children. One inappropriate joke later. I’ll begin again. Here we go, ready? Matt: Alright. Matthew: Good anecdote. Matt: That was funny. Matthew: Oh terrible. So I went […]

Inclusivity is for Everyone

S01E06 Matthew chats with Darice De Cuba about accessibility, inclusivity, and … nary a mention of 9 rules? Kids, ask your parents. Transcript Matthew: Hi. Im Matthew, one of the hosts of the show. This weeks episode is going to be a little bit different from the handful we’ve done so far. In that I’m interviewing Darice de Cuba. Darice is a front-end developer who lives in the Netherlands and has a passion for accessibility and inclusivity in design. We had a great conversation about inclusivity in design. Which I ope you stick around for. One of the things I […]


S01E05 Admittedly, we got a little silly on this one. But seriously, who buys a subscription to hand bells?! TRANSCRIPT Matthew: Glitch in the matrix. Matt: Apparently, damn matrix, always glitches. Matthew: I’m against them, Any matrice Or rubric. Matt: This is going to fall under the realm of maybe up outer rails of our typical topic of what we’d like to talk about. Matthew: Alright Matt: But, I saw something curious I wanted to share it with you and get your opinion and feedback Matthew: Okay Matt: And thoughts, let’s call it a thought exercise Matthew: Okay no graphic […]

It Depends. Or Does it? Yes. Unless…

S01E03 We talk about the dreaded, and yet, accurate phrase. When to use it and what comes after… Transcript Matthew: Yeah, even if we were being evil, it’s not anybody could stop us. Well, is there any topic you’d like to tackle today? Matt: Good question. Matthew: Thank you. Matt: Great questions. Matthew: That’s why they pay me the big bucks. Matt: My jaw is slack because– this is not what we talked about yesterday, as far as, something– Matthew: Oh, I see. Matt: Like, do I wanna open this can of worms. Like this, this fits more into like […]