This show (now archived) is for people who want to make their products and services better. We explore ideas and practices to understand how we can all do better. Topics will include business, product design, service design, UX, and the occasional silliness.

Your Host, Matthew Oliphant — Studio VO

Matthew has led the research, design, and testing efforts for dozens of product & service projects. He’s led research efforts to understand the needs of organ transplant recipients and people who suffer from migraines 24/7, greatly improved turnaround times for health insurance arbitration cases, and helped doctors communicate dense genomics information to consumers.

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Your Host, Matt Wallens — 80 Watts

Matt is a senior service design consultant focused on research, training, and design. With over 20 years experience, he’s researched products for web, desktop, & mobile and guided clients through project discovery, strategy, and functional design.

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