Sharing Past Work — Portfolios of NDA’d Work

S03E05 We chat about the need for a portfolio AND the troubles of sharing work you’ve done in the past that’s under NDA. Transcript Matt: Like we had a status call in the morning without the client. And like, yeah we got approved. Everything is good. We said we do it Wednesday, but why not just push it out today? I’m like, I’m good with that. Matthew: Yeah. Matt: And I came on Matt: What did go wrong? Matt: Right, oh, we’re gonna push out within the hour. Great, all of us and we’ll start falling off like, Matthew: Yeah. […]

Service Design — What it is, what it isn’t, and selling it.

S03E04 We chat about all things (well, several things) Service Design. Don’t worry, we won’t make you sit through building a blueprint. And if you don’t know what a Service Blueprint is … totally okay! We’ll have a more in-depth Service Design video later this season. Transcript Matthew: Well it’s gonna be a fruit basket, but I feel like the fat content of the cookies will slow the sugar absorption better than just direct fruit would. Matt: The harvest season is over. Matthew: That’s true, that’s true. Boy, harvesting cookies, I tell you what. Matt: Oh, God, you know. Matthew: […]

Product Management -vs- Design! Wait. Really -vs-?

S03E03 We titled this episode after Matthew was invited to give feedback on a Twitter thread that was essentially Design vs PdM. There does seem to be a lot of “vs” but there really shouldn’t be. This is the downside of titling your episodes before recording them. But we still got to a good place. Transcript Matt: Do you wanna do an intro? Matthew: What kind of intro? Matt: Do we need an intro for this episode, or are we just gonna, I thought we’d kind of just ramble on into it without a clear, “Hey, welcome”. Matthew: Well, that’s […]

So you think you need a Design System?

S03E02 We talk about Design Systems. Why you need them, where to start, what it takes to really make them happen and do it in such a way that it’s sustainable. Transcript Matthew: Hey, good news, everybody. Matt: Hey, what is your good news? I’m switching to minimal view, there we go. Now we’re ready, ready to roll. Matthew: Hold on, let me try that again. Hey, good news, everybody. Matt: Hey, you want to start an episode? Matthew: I don’t know. Matt: All right, we don’t have to. Matthew: All right, let’s do it anyway. Matt: All right. So […]

Pushing Back on Execs

S01E07 Whether you’re internal or a consultant, we chat about when it’s appropriate to push back on the decision-makers and how to go about doing it. Transcript Matthew: I’m on antibiotics for the next five days and then. Matt: What do you have against Biotics? Matthew: They know what they did. Matt: So yeah what we’re gonna talk about pushing back on clients I think in general, giving clients feedback to their suggestions that might not be in line with what our suggestions or recommendations would be. If I could give a little background on where this topic kind of […]


Remote Research & Testing

S01E04 What are the benefits of doing remote research and testing? Well, they are numerous, that’s for sure! Transcript Matthew: Although, honestly I kind of want to be one of those people, that wears sunglasses all the time. Matt: I don’t think you do, because I– I’ve met those people Matt: So Matthew, I think we were going to talk about remote usability testing. Matthew: Or just, remote everything, right? Matt: Yep, alright. Bring it on. Matthew: Not all things, but like I think I do want to talk about testing, but also I think a lot of the things […]


When Stakeholders Mandate Methods

S03E01 We chat about what to do when a client (or internal stakeholder) asks for, demands, or mandates a particular method—and you know they’re wrong. Transcript Matt: I have headphones pinching on my ears, so I’m going alfresco, or whatever the word is. Matthew: Al dente? Matt: Hey. Matthew: Hey. Matt: We’re back. Boy. Matthew: Boy, that was quite a break. Matt: A fall break. Matthew: Fall apple season something… Matt: Yeah, so how did apple picking. Matthew: When are we planning for this to go out? Let’s pretend, 2020, yay! Matt: 2030! Matthew: Happy 2030. Matt: We made it, […]

Enterprise UX: Is it really a thing?

S02E13 We briefly discuss Enterprise UX as we wrap season 2! Transcript Matthew: I didn’t mean it like that. I said that in the talk last night. I was talking about the design of thermostat controls in a hotel room where it was digital and the light never dimmed. So even these blackout curtains, it just lit up the room and I said, and no one thought what do people do in these hotel rooms when the curtains are closed. And I was like wait. I have very mixed feelings about enterprise projects. Matt: I am not mixed feelings. I […]

Does UX Certification Make Sense?

S02E12 We discuss a bit about Imposter Syndrome and UX certification; how we’re both SUPER on the fence about it. And by on the fence, we mean the Fence of Againstness. But in what circumstances does it make sense? Transcript Matthew: Bifocals. Matt: Oh. One focal wasn’t enough. Matthew: A friend of mine has a friend who teaches a class at the University of Portland and it’s a elective class on UX for the computer science major. And there’s about 17 kids in the class. And they wanted a guest speaker. He was describing– Matt: They couldn’t find one. Matthew: […]

How do we Make Meaningful Work?

S02E11 Matt sat down with Jo and Dan to chat about what makes work meaningful and how to go about making meaningful work. Part of the answer is to both deeply reflect and learn and practice together as a team. Dan and Jo are on to something that more and more companies need to start considering. Transcript Matt: Hey, everyone this is Matt with We Can Do Better. Welcome to the show today. We are joined today by two special guests: Josephine Wong and Dan Zook, all the way from Hong Kong. Though, today they are here in Atlanta with […]